Impact Ministerial Institute is a faith-based educational program which
assists individuals in obtaining a foundation of spiritual responsibility,
preparing them to deliver the anointing to others.  Impact Ministerial
Institute operates as a sub-ministry/department of Impact
International Church, Incorporated which is licensed to do business in
the state of Virginia.
Impact Ministerial Institute's primary goal is to produce faith-trained
people that have been developed by the anointing of the Holy Spirit.
The power of the church has not been diminished; it has not been
replaced; it is more relevant for today than ever.
Anointing is developed in the Father's presence;
Power is displayed for the Father's glory.
Daniel 11:32 speaks of knowing God and doing exploits.  Impact
Ministerial Institute trains the individual to hear and be obedient to
the voice of Father God so that others can see the glory of God.